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The configuration and reservation of switch sockets in the home

Dec 27,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Friends who have been decorated should be very clear that the configuration of switch sockets is very important, which often affects the appearance, and often feels that switch sockets are not enough. Here I will share with you which switches and sockets should be equipped in our home and where to reserve the switch sockets, as follows:
Bathrooms and kitchens are equipped with waterproof sockets;
Families with young children should consider choosing reliable sockets, which have special protection measures;
Specially for air conditioners, cannot be mixed with other sockets Equipped with air conditioner sockets;
Ordinary sockets should use 5-phase sockets, which are convenient to use.

Places where switch sockets need to be reserved:
Kitchen: Because I will use range hoods, water dispensers, and refrigerators; two more should be left above the cabinet countertops to facilitate the use of some small appliances, such as rice cookers, ovens, etc.;
Bathroom: washing machine, water heater, and a socket should be added next to the mirror, so that it is convenient for men to charge their razors;
Bedroom: set up a power socket on both sides of the bed; set up a telephone socket on one side; if necessary, consider setting up network cables; air-conditioning sockets, cable TV sockets.
The configuration of switch sockets in the home should be reserved as much as possible without affecting the decoration effect!

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