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Switch socket cleaning method

Dec 22,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
The cleaning method of the switch socket is as follows:
1. Wipe the exterior carefully. The gap next to the button 86 switch socket is a corner where dust is hidden. It is a place that is difficult to clean. You can gently sweep the dust out with a small brush.
2. The cleaning of the 118-type switch socket may be often used on weekdays, so if you are worried about being dirty, or you don’t want to clean it, it is best to put a thin switch sticker on the switch, which is beautiful and can protect it. tidy.

3. Turn off the power switch before cleaning, and wipe with a dry cloth dipped in a small amount of low-concentration alcohol. Do not clean with water, not only leaving water marks, but also a risk of electric shock.
4. Generally speaking, moisture-proof covers need to be installed on sockets in wet or near water areas, such as: sockets near sinks and washbasins, sockets in wet areas of kitchens and bathrooms. This can not only prevent water vapor and oil from staining the surface of the wall switch socket, but also an important measure to ensure the safety of electricity use.
5. Internal cleaning, button switch or socket, dust may enter the switch through small gaps or holes in the socket. If you want to clean the inside, the premise is to turn off the switch, and then open the front cover. Hanzhifeng Electric reminds that it is best to Use a small brush to gently sweep the dust inside. Do not wash with water or wipe with very wet things.

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