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Cixi Hongkai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is China 86 type switch socket Suppliers and uk standard switch panel wholesaler. We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.We have our own production base and machining factory. We have different injection molding machines, various molds and equipment can meet different shapes, sizes, different materials of the product development and production. It mainly produces British standard switch sockets and T8 LED tubes. It independently develops, designs and produces. It has more than 20 years of production experience. We also OEM and wholesale British Standard Switch especially 86mm * 86mm 86 type switch socket. Feel free to quote price.
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Selection of materials

Switch socket is particular about material selection, the panel uses PC material and bakelite material, it is very good prevent combustion and insulation material, it is the important factor that inspects safety

Remarkable characteristics

The switch socket parts are made of tin phosphor bronze, which not only has the characteristics of wear resistance and oxidation resistance, but also has good electrical conductivity

Quality assurance

The switch has a long service life and can be switched 80,000 times after testing
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We mainly produce British standard switch sockets and T8 LED tubes

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Industry Knowledge

The British Standard Switch, commonly referred to as the BS switch, is a type of electrical switch designed and manufactured according to British Standards. It is used for controlling the flow of electrical power in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. The BS switch is built to meet specific safety and performance requirements outlined in the British Standard specifications, ensuring reliability and compatibility with electrical systems in the United Kingdom.

There are several types of British Standard switches commonly used in the United Kingdom. Here are some of the most common ones:
Single Pole Switch: This is the basic type of switch that controls the power to a single circuit. It has a single switch mechanism and is commonly used for controlling lights or other electrical devices in a room.

Double Pole Switch: This type of switch has two switch mechanisms and is capable of controlling the power to two separate circuits simultaneously. It is often used for appliances that require a higher power capacity or for controlling lighting circuits separately.

Intermediate Switch: An intermediate switch is used in three-way lighting circuits, where a single light can be controlled from multiple locations. It allows the light to be switched on or off from any of the switch positions.

Dimmer Switch: A dimmer switch allows you to adjust the brightness of a light or control the intensity of dimmable light bulbs. It provides a variable control for adjusting the light output to suit your preference.

Fused Connection Unit: This type of switch includes a fuse and is commonly used for connecting and isolating electrical appliances such as ovens, hobs, or electric showers. It provides both a switch function and protection against electrical faults.

The characteristics of a British Standard switch include:
Design and Dimensions: British Standard switches are designed and manufactured according to specific dimensions and construction guidelines outlined in the British Standard specifications. They typically have a standardized size and shape to ensure compatibility and ease of installation.

Voltage and Current Ratings: British Standard switches are rated for specific voltage and current levels, indicating the maximum voltage and current they can safely handle. Common ratings include 240 volts AC and various current ratings such as 10 amps or 13 amps, depending on the application.

Safety Features: British Standard switches are designed with safety in mind. They may include features such as insulated casings, fire-resistant materials, and robust construction to minimize the risk of electrical hazards.

Conformity to Regulations: British Standard switches must meet the relevant safety and performance standards specified by regulatory bodies such as the British Standards Institution (BSI). Compliance with these regulations ensures that the switches are safe, reliable, and suitable for use in the United Kingdom.

Terminal Types: British Standard switches typically have screw terminals or push-in terminals for connecting the electrical wires. Screw terminals allow for a secure and reliable connection using screws, while push-in terminals provide a quick and easy method for inserting and securing the wires without the need for screws.

Switching Mechanism: British Standard switches use various switching mechanisms, including rocker switches, toggle switches, or rotary switches. The specific mechanism depends on the type of switch and its intended application.

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