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Some points for attention in choosing socket

Apr 28,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
When choosing the socket, we should pay attention to its power and current, material and socket form, and some owners want to cut off the power supply of the socket, so they can choose the socket with switch. For users of desktop computers, it is better to have a dedicated computer socket, which can meet the needs of multi socket and high power.
As for the TV socket and telephone socket, because they need to be fixed on the wall, we should choose some durable special sockets that match with the wall. And the audio socket also needs special attention, it involves some problems of resistance and material, the size of resistance and material can directly affect the sound quality.
When purchasing sockets, we may as well refer to the following points:
1. The power socket shall be the product that has passed the inspection of relevant national product quality supervision department. Generally, medium and high-grade products with flame retardant materials should be used instead of low-grade and fake products;
2. The safe socket should be used in the house, and the splash proof socket should be used in the bathroom and other wet places;
3. The rated current of power socket shall be 1.25 times higher than the rated current of known equipment. The rated current of general single-phase power socket is 10a, and that of special power socket is 16A. The distribution circuit and power connection mode of special high-power household appliances should be selected according to the actual capacity;
4. For the convenience of insertion, an 86mm × For 86mm unit panel, the best number of combined sockets is two, and the maximum number (including switches) is no more than three, otherwise, 146 panel multi hole socket is used;
5. For the household appliances (such as washing machine) with electric shock risk when plugging in the power supply, the socket with switch should be used to disconnect the power supply;
6. In humid places, waterproof box should be installed at the same time when installing socket.
The selection of socket must be combined with the actual situation, and attention should be paid to the selection of socket. You can choose the socket with higher cost performance, which is safe and reliable to use.

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