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Principle and installation method of waterproof socket

Apr 28,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Waterproof socket is a plug with waterproof performance, and can provide safe and reliable connection of electricity and signal. For example: LED street lamp, LED driving power supply, LED display, lighthouse, cruise ship, industrial equipment, communication equipment, detection equipment, commercial plaza, road, villa outer wall, garden, park, etc., all need waterproof socket.
Principle of waterproof socket
Waterproof socket is a waterproof box with a cover outside the general wall socket. There is a rubber pad at the place where the box contacts with the wall, so it can be waterproof; Some waterproof socket for the plastic rain jacket, the cutting hole in the downward, supporting special cutting head. There are three-phase four wire, three-phase five wire supporting cuttings, cuttings.

Installation of waterproof socket
First remove the socket, and then put the waterproof cover behind the socket, and then put the power line along, and fix the power line to the socket interface according to the polarity connection (fire line connected to L interface, zero line connected to n interface, ground line connected to e interface). Be sure to tighten the fastening screw. It is better to put the fixing screw of the socket on the wall. At present, there are many brands and types of waterproof sockets in the market, including the traditional waterproof sockets for home life, such as triangle plugs, which can be called sockets, but they are generally not waterproof.

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