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Cixi Hongkai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is China Plastic Switches and Sockets Manufacturers and Plastic Switches Sockets Suppliers. We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.We have our own production base and machining factory. We have different injection molding machines, various molds and equipment can meet different shapes, sizes, different materials of the product development and production. It mainly produces British standard switch sockets and T8 LED tubes. It independently develops, designs and produces. It has more than 20 years of production experience. We also OEM and wholesale Plastic Switches & Sockets. Feel free to quote price.
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Selection of materials

Switch socket is particular about material selection, the panel uses PC material and bakelite material, it is very good prevent combustion and insulation material, it is the important factor that inspects safety

Remarkable characteristics

The switch socket parts are made of tin phosphor bronze, which not only has the characteristics of wear resistance and oxidation resistance, but also has good electrical conductivity

Quality assurance

The switch has a long service life and can be switched 80,000 times after testing
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We mainly produce British standard switch sockets and T8 LED tubes

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Industry Knowledge

The characteristics of plastic switch sockets, which are commonly used in modern electrical installations, include:
Material: Plastic switch sockets are typically made from thermoplastic materials such as polycarbonate (PC) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These materials offer a combination of durability, electrical insulation, and ease of manufacturing.

Electrical Insulation: Plastic is an excellent electrical insulator, preventing the conduction of electricity and reducing the risk of electrical shocks. This insulation property enhances the safety of electrical installations.

Durability: Plastic switch sockets are designed to be durable and resistant to impacts, scratches, and general wear and tear. They can withstand everyday use and provide long-lasting performance.

Design Variety: Plastic switch sockets come in a wide range of designs, styles, and colors. They can be found in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit different aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

Compatibility: Plastic switch sockets are designed to be compatible with standard electrical wiring systems. They typically have standardized dimensions and configurations, allowing for easy installation and replacement in existing electrical setups.

Easy Maintenance: Plastic switch sockets are relatively easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and are resistant to stains and discoloration.

Versatility: Plastic switch sockets can accommodate various types of switches, including rocker switches, toggle switches, or push-button switches. They can also include features like indicator lights or dimmer controls, offering versatility in functionality.

Cost-Effective: Plastic switch sockets are generally more affordable compared to other materials such as metal or Bakelite. They offer a cost-effective solution for electrical installations without compromising on quality or safety.

There are several types of plastic switch sockets available for different applications and functions. Here are some common types:

Single Gang Switch Sockets: These are the standard switch sockets with a single gang configuration, accommodating a single switch and one or more socket outlets. They are commonly used in residential and commercial installations.

Double Gang Switch Sockets: Double gang switch sockets have a wider form factor and can accommodate two switches and one or more socket outlets. They provide more control options and are suitable for applications where multiple switches or outlets are required in one location.

Surface-Mounted Switch Sockets: Surface-mounted switch sockets are designed to be mounted on the surface of the wall rather than recessed into it. They are commonly used when it is not feasible or desirable to install switches and sockets within the wall.

Flush-Mounted Switch Sockets: Flush-mounted switch sockets are installed by recessing them into the wall, resulting in a neat and flush appearance. They are commonly used in new construction or renovation projects to achieve a clean and seamless look.

Modular Switch Sockets: Modular switch sockets allow for customization and flexibility. They consist of separate modules that can be combined to create a customized configuration of switches, socket outlets, USB charging ports, data outlets, and other functionalities.

Weatherproof Switch Sockets: Weatherproof switch sockets are designed for outdoor or exposed environments where protection against water, dust, and other elements is necessary. They are commonly used in outdoor areas, such as gardens, patios, or industrial settings.

Dimmer Switch Sockets: Dimmer switch sockets are designed to control the brightness of compatible light sources. They allow for adjusting the intensity of dimmable light bulbs, providing ambiance control and energy-saving options.

Switched Socket Outlets: Switched socket outlets combine a switch and a socket in a single unit. They allow for controlling the power to the connected devices individually, providing convenience and energy-saving options.

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