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Cixi Hongkai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is China Metal Clad Switch Socket Manufacturers and Metal Switch and Socket Suppliers. We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.We have our own production base and machining factory. We have different injection molding machines, various molds and equipment can meet different shapes, sizes, different materials of the product development and production. It mainly produces British standard switch sockets and T8 LED tubes. It independently develops, designs and produces. It has more than 20 years of production experience. We also OEM and wholesale UK standard Metal panel switch socket. Feel free to quote price.
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Selection of materials

Switch socket is particular about material selection, the panel uses PC material and bakelite material, it is very good prevent combustion and insulation material, it is the important factor that inspects safety

Remarkable characteristics

The switch socket parts are made of tin phosphor bronze, which not only has the characteristics of wear resistance and oxidation resistance, but also has good electrical conductivity

Quality assurance

The switch has a long service life and can be switched 80,000 times after testing
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We mainly produce British standard switch sockets and T8 LED tubes

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Fluorescent T8 LED tubes have higher power performance in comparison to standard fluorescent lamps and might drastically reduce el

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Does the metal clad switch socket have a temperature monitoring device?

In standard, metal clad switch sockets do now not without delay include temperature monitoring devices. However, a few advanced or

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Does Metal Clad Switch Socket have voltage protection device?

Metal clad switch sockets typically do now not without delay include voltage safety devices. Voltage Surge Protector is a device u

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Does the Metal Clad Switch Socket have ground fault protection?

Metal clad switch sockets generally have floor fault safety gadgets. This sort of tool usually consists of a sensor which could co

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Are there relays in the Metal Clad Switch Socket?

The inclusion of relays in metal clad switch sockets depends on the particular design and utilization. A relay is an electromagnet

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Is there a fuse in the Metal Clad Switch Socket?

Metal clad switch sockets may additionally incorporate fuses, however no longer all switch sockets use the identical layout and co

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Does the Metal Clad Switch Socket have a circuit breaker?

The metal clad switch socket has a circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is a transfer that may manually or routinely reduce off a ci

Industry Knowledge

There are several types of metal switch sockets available, each with its own characteristics and applications. Here are some common types:

Stainless Steel Switch Sockets: Stainless steel switch sockets are known for their sleek and modern appearance. They offer durability, corrosion resistance, and a clean aesthetic that complements various interior designs. They are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Brushed Metal Switch Sockets: Brushed metal switch sockets have a textured or brushed finish that provides a more subdued and stylish look. They are often used in high-end residential and commercial installations, where aesthetics play a significant role.

Aluminum Switch Sockets: Aluminum switch sockets are lightweight and offer excellent heat dissipation properties. They are commonly used in areas where heat generation is a concern, such as in kitchens or areas with electrical equipment.

Brass Switch Sockets: Brass switch sockets have a traditional and elegant appearance. They are commonly used in heritage or period-style buildings where a classic aesthetic is desired. Brass switch sockets may require periodic polishing to maintain their shine.

Die-Cast Zinc Switch Sockets: Die-cast zinc switch sockets offer strength, durability, and resistance to impacts. They are often used in industrial or commercial settings where robustness is required.

Powder-Coated Metal Switch Sockets: Powder-coated metal switch sockets have a protective coating that provides resistance to scratches, corrosion, and fading. They are available in various colors and are commonly used in commercial spaces where customization and durability are important.

Weatherproof Metal Switch Sockets: Weatherproof metal switch sockets are designed for outdoor use or areas exposed to harsh environmental conditions. They have a sealed construction to protect against water, dust, and other elements.

Modular Metal Switch Sockets: Modular metal switch sockets allow for customization and flexibility. They consist of separate modules that can be combined to create a customized configuration of switches, socket outlets, USB charging ports, data outlets, and other functionalities.

Metal switch sockets possess several characteristic features, including:
Durability: Metal switch sockets are known for their strength and durability. They are resistant to impacts, scratches, and general wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Aesthetic Appeal: Metal switch sockets offer a sleek, modern, and often premium appearance. They can enhance the overall aesthetics of an interior design, making them a popular choice in residential and commercial spaces.

Heat Dissipation: Metal has excellent heat dissipation properties, which is beneficial in applications where heat may be generated, such as with high-power electrical devices. Metal switch sockets help dissipate heat and prevent overheating.

Corrosion Resistance: Many metal switch sockets, such as stainless steel or aluminum, exhibit corrosion resistance. This characteristic makes them suitable for areas with high humidity, outdoor installations, or environments prone to chemical exposure.

Electrical Conductivity: Metal is a good conductor of electricity. Metal switch sockets provide efficient electrical conductivity, ensuring proper electrical connections and minimizing power losses.

Easy to Clean: Metal switch sockets are generally easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and their smooth surfaces make it easier to remove dirt or smudges.

Versatility: Metal switch sockets are available in various types and configurations, allowing for flexibility in terms of switch options, socket outlets, and additional functionalities. They can accommodate different wiring systems and adapt to specific electrical requirements.

EMI/RFI Shielding: Metal switch sockets can provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding. They help reduce the impact of external electromagnetic or radio frequency signals on electrical equipment or circuits.

Robustness: Metal switch sockets offer a sturdy and robust construction. They can withstand demanding environments and are less prone to damage compared to some other materials.

Compatibility: Metal switch sockets are designed to be compatible with standard electrical wiring systems. They typically have standardized dimensions and configurations, allowing for easy installation and replacement in existing electrical setups.

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