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Wiring method of two-hole three-hole wall switch socket

Nov 25,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
The wall switch socket is an outlet for temporary insertion of movable household appliances such as desk lamps, radios, televisions, and electric fans. On the lighting circuit, there are two-hole sockets, three-hole sockets, five-hole or seven-hole sockets, and so on.

The installation method of the double-hole socket is shown in the figure:
First plug the wooden sleeper on the wall at the position where the socket is to be installed; then align the threading holes in the socket, and drill 2 threading holes and 1 screw hole in the wooden platform; put the phase line head and the neutral line Align the position of the thread ends, and then thread them into the two holes on the wooden platform, and install the wooden platform and the same bottom plate into the wooden sleeper with screws; put the two thread ends into the two threading holes on the socket base one by one; then Use 2 screws to install the base into the wooden platform; put 2 wire ends into the head of the wiring pile; finally install the cover of the socket, so that the installation of the socket is basically completed.
The installation method of the three-hole socket is basically the same as that of the two-hole socket, only the position of a larger hole in the three-hole socket should be at the top, and it must be grounded; at the same time, the phase wire should be connected to the right side according to the conventional installation method. On the wiring pile head, the neutral wire is connected to the left wiring pile head and cannot be reversed. Both the two-hole socket and the three-hole wall switch socket should be installed more than 1.3m above the ground to prevent children from playing with and getting wet.

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