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Will blocked or restricted airflow shorten the service life of the fluorescent T8 LED tube?

Apr 15,2024 / BY DEVELOPERS
The impact of airflow blockage or restriction on the service life of fluorescent T8 LED tubes mainly depends on the specific design and working environment of the tubes. Generally speaking, good heat dissipation is crucial for the service life of LED tubes, as LEDs generate heat during operation. If the heat cannot be dissipated in a timely manner, it may cause accelerated light decay and even damage to the beads, thereby shortening the service life of the tubes.
Air flow blockage or restriction may limit the air flow around the lamp tube, affecting the heat dissipation effect. If the design of LED tubes does not consider sufficient heat dissipation, or if the temperature in the working environment is already high, airflow obstruction may further exacerbate heat dissipation problems, thereby affecting the service life of the tubes.
Therefore, in order to ensure the service life of fluorescent T8 LED tubes, efforts should be made to ensure air circulation around the tubes and avoid airflow blockage or restriction. Meanwhile, when selecting LED tubes, attention should also be paid to selecting products with good heat dissipation design to extend their service life.

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