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What Is a Junction Box?

Nov 04,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
A Junction Box is a type of electrical enclosure that houses electrical connections. These enclosures keep the connections safe from the weather and from electric shock. In addition, they are an important safety device, protecting people from electric shock. There are several types of Junction Boxes. Learn more about these boxes and what they are used for in this article.

Commercial junction boxes
There are many reasons why industrial and commercial facilities use commercial junction boxes. A warehouse, for example, requires an electrical system that is highly reliable and impact resistant. It also needs large, rugged enclosures for connections. In addition, certain commercial applications, such as marine applications, require rugged electrical connections that can withstand splashing water and salt water.
These boxes are typically designed with punch-out holes for conduit. They can support multiple conduit branches. They also make accessing the wiring inside them easy. They help protect wiring from the environment and malicious tampering. They can be purchased at most hardware stores. You can buy extra covers for your junction boxes as well.
For a large commercial installation, you can choose an aluminum enclosure. A variety of sizes and materials are available for this purpose.
Marine junction boxes
Marine junction boxes are used to connect the cabling of various equipment in the ship. These boxes are available in various varieties including waterproof, splash proof and explosion proof. Some companies also offer special models for sensitive electrical equipment. Depending on the application, these boxes can be used for both external and internal wiring. They are made of either stainless steel or mild steel.
When choosing the proper marine junction box, it is important to check the NEMA rating. The rating will tell you whether it is suitable for outdoor or indoor applications and if it is protected against oil, coolants, and corrosive gases. Also, check the installation instructions to ensure that the box meets local codes.
Applications for junction boxes
Junction boxes are used in electrical installations. They consist of terminal blocks, wire connectors and an enclosure. The enclosure is usually made of plastic or metal. The material used is chosen depending on the operating environment. For example, it must be resistant to humidity and dust. It should also be equipped with an access point for cables and wires, which can be knock-out holes or cable glands.
A junction box can be made of plastic or metal and may be surface-mounted or buried. They are commonly used in ceilings, walls and access panels, as well as in commercial buildings. In commercial buildings, they may be cast into concrete or buried in the plaster. Some models have built-in terminals for wire joining. The top of the box may have a pattress or cover.
The materials used to make junction boxes can be of high quality. For instance, electro-polished stainless steel, aluminum, and glass fiber reinforced polyester are all resistant to high temperatures. This makes them a good choice for harsh environments. Furthermore, these materials are resistant to physical vandalism.

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