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What are the types of LED tubes?

Apr 13,2023 / BY DEVELOPERS
There are several types of LED tubes, including:
Type A LED Tubes: These are also known as plug-and-play LED tubes as they can be directly installed into an existing fluorescent fixture without any modification.
Type B LED Tubes: These require rewiring of the fixture as they operate on direct line voltage, unlike the fluorescent tubes that operate on ballast.
Type C LED Tubes: These require an external driver to operate and are designed to be installed with a new fixture that is compatible with LED tubes.
Hybrid LED Tubes: These combine the features of Type A and Type B tubes and can be installed either as a plug-and-play or by bypassing the ballast.
Ballast Compatible LED Tubes: These are designed to work with the existing ballast of the fluorescent fixture, and do not require any rewiring or modification.

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