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The quality and safety of plug and socket should not be ignored

Apr 28,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Plugs and sockets are the most widely used household products, and they are also an important part of household appliances. Recently, the number of foreign notification events related to the quality of plugs and sockets is increasing, which has brought economic and reputation losses to relevant enterprises, which needs attention.
Two problems become quality weakness
On December 26, 2014, Hungary, a member state of the European Union, issued a notice of disqualification to a batch of hand lamps made in China. The reason is that the shape of the plug and socket of the lamp does not match well, and consumers may touch the live part of the plug when using it, so there is a risk of electric shock. In fact, the improper design of this kind of structure leads to potential electric shock, which has become the primary quality problem of China's export plugs and sockets. According to statistics, in 2014, 76 plug and socket products in China were reported as unqualified by Europe and the United States, of which 78.7% had potential electric shock due to design problems.
Unqualified flame retardant products are another potential quality hazard that needs to be paid attention to. In 2014, 14 batches of fire hazards were reported by Eurocom. The main reason is that the flame retardant performance of the plastic shell materials used is unqualified or the heat can not be transmitted, and the products are overheated or even on fire after long-time use. In addition, the lack of heat resistance may also lead to the deformation of the plug and socket in use, which makes the previously inaccessible live parts easy to contact, resulting in the risk of electric shock. Domestic market due to the quality of plug and socket caused by fire and other accidents are also frequently seen in the newspaper.
Lack of compliance verification is the root cause
Household appliances have always been a sensitive commodity of great concern at home and abroad, and their quality and safety certification requirements and market spot check requirements have always been high. The compulsory standard IEC 60884 of International Electrotechnical Commission and the compulsory national standard GB 2099 of our country have strict safety requirements for plugs and sockets for household use and other special purposes. The items of electrical identification, heat resistance, mechanical strength, electric shock protection measures and internal insulation parameters are very detailed.
Taking the protection against electric shock as an example, IEC 60884 and GB 2099 clearly require that when the live parts of the plug are partially or completely inserted into the socket, the live parts should not be easy to touch. This requires manufacturers in product design and inspection to fully consider the possible use of consumers, product safety audit. In August 2014, Germany reported a batch of plug converters made in China. The reason is that consumers can only insert one pin into the socket converter and the other pin is exposed. If the converter is connected to the power supply at this time, the exposed pin may lead to the risk of electric shock and death. The high level of disqualification notification indicates that some export enterprises in China have serious deficiencies in the compliance verification of such sensitive commodities. The return and recall of plugs and sockets caused by quality problems not only bring reputation damage and economic losses, but also cause personal and property damage to consumers, and the consequences are unimaginable.

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