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T8 LED Tube 1.2m LED Tube Light

Oct 24,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
A T8 LED Tube is a replacement light for fluorescent bulbs. It is compatible with fluorescent ballasts, and can be retrofitted without the need for new wiring. The LED tube is generally sold in cartons of 10 units. It is compatible with most T8 and 4-foot fluorescent fixtures. A universal LED T8 tube is the latest in fluorescent retrofit LED technology. The T8 tube is designed to fit most T8 and 4-foot fluorescent fixtures, and is compatible with most complete 8-foot fluorescent-to-LED conversion kits.
There are two types of T8 LED tubes: Type A and Type B. The former is dimmable and works with lighting control systems. However, Type A LED tubes have more components and require more electrical modifications. The former is more efficient than the latter. It has an integrated circuitry that senses unusual heat and shuts itself off. The latter has been approved after addressing concerns over safety. However, the latter requires a callback to change from one type to another.
When buying LED tube lights, look for warranties. Some LED tubes come with three-year warranties. Some Big Box retailers sell 90-day warranties. A five-year warranty is also common. A T8 LED tube can also be specified as a 240-volt model. A 240-volt version has a higher wattage. Some manufacturers make LED T8 tubes with a wide variety of voltages. If you are planning to install a T8 LED Tube light in a commercial setting, choose a model that will work well in that setting.
When installing T8 LED tubes, be sure to use the proper connectors. You can install them in single or double-ended mode. It is also important to know how to install them correctly so they won't cause any electrical shock. You can check the manufacturers' wiring diagram for installation instructions. Incorrect installation of LED tubes can cause premature failures, dangerous short circuits, and fire hazards.
If you're looking for a retrofit solution for fluorescent lighting, consider using universal Type-B T8 LED tubes. These bulbs are perfect for fluorescent-to-LED conversions, and work well with existing tombstone sockets. These bulbs will also save you money. It is also a good idea to take the time to research any rebate programs and rebates available to you.
LED tube lights use less energy than fluorescent bulbs. They also have a longer lifespan. T8 fluorescent ballasts can last for five to 20 years, but this depends on the ambient temperature, the amount of time that a fixture is on, and the condition of the light bulbs. LED tube lights can be installed in high-output fluorescent fixtures, and feature a recessed double-contact base that operates with existing sockets.
To convert your fluorescent to LED, consider not only the wattage equivalent but also the lumens that each LED tube can produce. Also consider the height of your fixture. If you want to install a new tube with the same height, you'll want to choose a four-foot tube that can produce 1800 lumens or less. Also, be aware that LED tubes require less maintenance than fluorescent tubes, which makes them a great choice for older fixtures.
LED T8 Tube lights are a great choice if you're looking for a greener alternative to fluorescent light bulbs. These energy-efficient light bulbs offer up to 80% energy savings and are perfect for places of worship, schools, and hospitals. They can last for up to five times longer than traditional fluorescent tubes, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacement. They're ideal for basements, bathrooms, schools, and other environments.
LEDs produce light in a variety of color temperatures, and unlike fluorescents, they do not produce a flickering effect. T8 LED tubes are also 30% more energy-efficient than their fluorescent counterparts. And, unlike fluorescents, LEDs don't burn out fast, and many of the newer models are designed to be dimmable.
Because LED tubes last longer than their conventional counterparts, they are a good choice for relighting fixtures. In addition to having a longer lifespan, they also use less energy than their traditional counterparts. They also produce a bright, white light. Depending on the type and size of light you're replacing, you might want to purchase a multipack of T8 LED Tubes for an entire commercial space.
LED tubes are available in two varieties: plug-and-play and direct-wire. Plug-and-play models operate with the fixture's fluorescent ballast and do not require rewiring. Direct-wire LED tubes, on the other hand, run off line voltage directly from the sockets. Because of this, a direct-wire installation may require a replacement of the sockets, but this option offers higher energy savings over the life of the bulb.

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