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Fluorescent T8 LED Tube Benefits

Feb 09,2023 / BY DEVELOPERS
There are many advantages to replacing your outdated fluorescent T8s with new linear LED tubes. These include a range of cost, maintenance and performance benefits.
First and foremost, you'll save a lot of money on energy costs. Fluorescents tend to use more energy than LEDs, so the savings add up quickly.
Energy Savings
There are a number of benefits to switching your lighting to LEDs. You'll save money in energy and maintenance costs, and you'll also reduce your environmental footprint by using an environmentally friendly light source that is mercury free.
A common option is to replace your fluorescent T8s with plug and play LED tubes, which require no rewiring and are easier to install than direct-wire models. However, the conversion process will be more expensive upfront and it's best to have a professional electrician do the job.
Another alternative is to upgrade to a type of linear T8 LED tube called a "Type B" that bypasses the ballast in your fixture, which requires a little more work and is more costly up front but can be an effective solution. Regardless of your choice, Premier Lighting can help you analyze your specific situation and provide a cost/benefit analysis. With rebates and tax incentives available, you're likely to see a ROI quickly.

If you have ever had to replace a fluorescent T8 bulb, then you know how expensive it can be. It's also very easy for them to fail prematurely.
Luckily, LED tubes are a lot more durable than fluorescent bulbs! They're not only safer and cheaper to operate, they also produce much better light quality.
Durability is especially important for lighting large rooms, like classrooms or warehouses. Fluorescent T8 lamps tend to give off omnidirectional light, which can make spaces look more fully lighted.
LED tube lights come in a wide range of color temperatures, from warm white to daylight. They're also dimmable and can be rated for damp locations, meaning they can be used in areas where moisture may be present but should not come into contact with the fixture.
Fluorescent T8 LED Tubes have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is significantly longer than fluorescent bulbs' average lifespan. The luminous flux value of these tubes is also significantly higher, which makes them more effective.
T8 LED Tubes are available in a variety of color temperatures, including warm white and daylight. They are also dimmable, which is an important feature for some applications.
They are also energy-efficient, which saves building owners money on their electricity bills. They are also mercury-free, which helps reduce the environmental impact of lighting.
These lamps can be installed in a wide range of fixtures, making them a great choice for many commercial and industrial spaces. As a result, they are becoming a popular replacement option for existing fluorescent lighting fixtures.
Ease of Installation
If you’re planning to retrofit a T8 fluorescent light fixture, there are a few different options that you have to consider. One option is to use plug-and-play LED tube lighting that will connect directly to the fixture and operate with a compatible ballast at the time of installation.
Another option is to use Type B ballast bypass tubes that are designed with an internal driver to bypass the existing fluorescent ballast in a fixture. This can result in high energy savings as well as increased functionality.
While these are the most expensive option, they’re also the easiest to install since the ballast is bypassed and there is no need to rewire the fluorescent lamp sockets. This makes them a great choice for many users who are interested in reducing their energy costs and saving money on maintenance.

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