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Does Fluorescent T8 LED Tube contain mercury?

Jan 22,2024 / BY DEVELOPERS
In fashionable, Fluorescent T8 LED tubes do now not include mercury. Fluorescent T8 LED tubes are a stable-country lighting fixtures technology that uses mild-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the mild supply, instead of conventional fluorescent tubes that use fuel discharge and fluorescent powder. The fluorescent powder and gasoline discharge method in conventional fluorescent tubes may also include hint quantities of mercury.
In assessment, Fluorescent T8 LED tubes do not require the use of mercury or other harmful substances. This makes LED lighting more environmentally pleasant, as mercury is a poisonous substance and its use and disposal might also pose risks to the environment and human health.
One of the environmentally friendly properties of LED lighting is that its disposal is simpler due to the fact fluorescent T8 LED tubes do no longer contain harmful substances and do now not release toxic substances on the quit in their provider existence. When thinking about environmental protection and health and protection, choosing LED fluorescent tubes is a more sustainable lighting solution.

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