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Can Metal Clad Switch Socket protect against dust, moisture, etc.?

Nov 01,2023 / BY DEVELOPERS
Metal clad switch sockets usually have good dust and moisture resistance, but they cannot completely prevent the entry of dust and moisture.

Metal materials themselves have good sealing and protective properties, which can effectively block the invasion of dust and moisture. However, due to the gaps and holes in the switch socket itself, it is still possible for dust and moisture to enter, which cannot be completely sealed.

In addition, if the installation environment is too harsh, such as frequent water mist, damp basements, etc., metal clad switch sockets may also be affected by moisture, causing rust or damage to the metal parts.

Therefore, although metal clad switch sockets have certain dustproof and moisture-proof properties, it is still necessary to pay attention to maintaining cleanliness and dryness during use, especially to avoid direct contact with water during installation and use. If the usage environment is too harsh, it is recommended to take additional protective measures, such as installing waterproof boxes.

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